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Saturday, May 02, 2009

IlloFri: Hierarchy

(Click image to enlarge)
I think this is the earliest I've ever put up a piece for Illustration Friday. It's only because I'm also doing Every Day in May, which is another art challenge to do something (a drawing, a painting, whatever) ever day for the Month of May. I'm going to see if I can fill an entire page in my Moleskine. Every day. In May.

I've started using the hashtag #illofri on Twitter because #illustrationfriday doesn't show up on search.twitter. It seems there is a character limit for hashtags, although I haven't been able to find any documentation to that verify it. I've just noticed that longer hashtags don't stick. If you use twitter, and you're doing the Illustration Friday thing, please consider using #illofri to announce your stuff. Or let me know if you're using something else. Also, follow me if you're so inclined:

Could you tell that the face at the bottom of the image is Arlen Specter? The mouth and eyes are more or less correct, but the shape of the face is a little too round.

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